Applying for a grant of representation

Applying for a grant of representation can be quite a bureaucratic process as it involves filling in applications attending an interview before the grant is issued.

The process


The first stage of applying for a grant of representation includes filling out the Probate Application Form (PA1) these can be collected from the probate registry.

This application form will request information regarding:

  • Whether the deceased left a will or died intestate
  • Details of the relatives of the deceased
  • Details of the deceased
  • Details of the applicants for the grant
  • Details of the estate- including value of the estate
  • Where the applicant would like the interview to be held

Additionally the application will ask for:

  • How many grants of representation are needed

Some banks and other organisations will only give the personal representative permission to access the deceased assets if they have a sealed copy of the grant of representation. Therefore if the deceased has assets spread across a variety of institutions it may be quicker for the personal representative to request that multiple grants of representation are issued as one can be handed in to each organisation at the same time.
To avoid paying an extra fee, if more grants are needed later, it is important that the applicant is certain on the amount and type of grants needed before sending off the form.

If there are assets outside of England and Wales then the applicant will need to indicate this on the application form as this grant will differ from the grant that deals with assets inside of England and Wales.

Other documents

Other documents that may need to be enclosed with the Probate Application are:

  • An official copy of the death certificate
  • Original will and any codicils (attachments) the applicant should keep a copy before this is sent off
  • Any other documents listed in the supporting document which comes with the Probate Application
  • A cheque for the application form and costs to cover the amount of grants requested

Tax form

The applicant for the grant of representation will need to fill in a tax form to indicate whether or not inheritance tax is owed on the estate.